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Am I the only person who always laughs when she sees "INADEQUATE" as a NMR technique discussed in a paper?

I mean, I know it's legit... but I find it completely amusing. It makes reading papers a bit easier in my day. ^_^
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never really thought of it! i did find HOHAHA finny for some reason and i always giggle a little when talking about HOMO's in inorganic.
I think that's the point. We went through a whole slew of them, including INEPT, in my NMR theory class, and the prof couldn't keep a straight face on during the lecture (though arguably he wasn't trying). He even showed the progression of the various sequences over time, and how the names evolved to be longer and longer disparaging words.

Also funny: a ligand called DuPhos (say it out loud).
Here's an even better one for ya-

Proton-Enhanced Nuclear Induction Spectroscopy

hehe. THAT one makes me laugh every time.
They are a lot funnier in a paper than when you are trying to set up the parameters using those stupid NMR reference books supplied with the NMR.
Eventually I would have to decide on whether to beat myself in the head with the book or just find a ladder and pee in the magnet.

Used to talk about all the HOMO's in the chemistry dept, we didn't have many HOMO's in adv. inorganic; there was only 6 of us, and sometimes we even talked about the LUMO's as a transition when time permitted.