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Question to people who have done internships(at universitys/colleges)

So, I was thinking about doing a summer internship or something to that effect. What I was wondering were how these things are? I'm more or less worried about whether or not I'd be able to do anything. I'm a junior chemistry major. At the close of this semster I will have done nearly everything I need to do to graduate(the only course i'd need to take would be Instrumental Methods of Anaylsis and the senior thesis ,but that doesn't count). Even with this though I'm worried I wouldn't do very well at an internship. I do want to do an internship thingy though. I'd just hate to jump into something and have no idea what to do. I guess what I want to know is how these things usually are? :/
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I'm a chem grad student at Berkeley. I did some as an undergrad and you should definetely do it. It is a great opportunity/experience. Anything you need to know (apart from basics) you'll learn as you are doing it.