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I was wondering if it's normal to have no idea what you want to go to grad school for(with a chemistry BS)? :P

I really have no clue what I'd like to do ,but I know I want to go to grad school. I really enjoy the subject material and my professors are pushing me to go. I'm doing research with my professor over the summer right now with P-chem and it doesn't really seem to be my thing. I sit at a computer all day writing code. I prefer to be up and running around doing things. Even though I don't like it I'm probably going to be doing my senior thesis(i'll be a senior in the fall) on it. It'll probably be much easier that way. I enjoyed Inorganic and Organic chemistry. My inorganic professor suggested I go for organometallo chemistry or something ,since it's a combination of the two. Haven't had analytical yet ,but I did have a pseudo-one and it seemed alright.

I guess what I'm looking for are ideas I guess? Or is it just you go to graduate school for inorganic/organic chemistry and that's that or what? What should I look for in a grad school?

This is all so overwhelming or maybe I'm just making it out to be that way. D:

thanks for any help/advice/whatever.
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