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So, I'm sitting here at like 2:30 am. Reflecting on the fact i've given myself like a day to study all of my instrumental notes for my final exam on Tuesday. I have like an encyclopedia of notes to look over. I need to know the ins and outs and the finer points of the instruments we learned about(Spectrophotometers, IR Devices, Mass spectroscopy, Electrophoresis, every kind of chromatography you can think of). At least the mantra of instrumental seems easy enough to remember "If it doesn't work make a derivative that does what you want it to." :P I found the lab more fun than the class itself. So I've spent most of the time before now preparing my lab notebook to reflect my love of the labs. Probably spending more time than I should be on it. :P I keep telling myself after the final I'll never have to remember such a large amount of information again ,but then I remember I signed up for the second half of the course. D:

It isn't that bad though. The class has satisfied my curiosity of how the instruments I've been using work. It may be a lot to remember, but it's really neat and I'm glad I took the course(well I WAS required to). It's just so much to remember, with no real set patterns between them. I don't think I can remember them in the detail my professor wants for the exam. I'm sure I'll do fine though. I can't wait for the second half of the course.


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