Screaming Jet (jformaldehydem) wrote in chemies,
Screaming Jet

Gilson liquid handler, please HELP!

Heya guys, hope people are still listening out there...

We've recently acquired a Gilson GX-271 autosampler liquid handler that we're using as an autosampler. The methods we have set up for it are very basic and a pain in the arse but I am aware that we are not properly utilising the software.

To cut the question short, I am fairly proficient at programming and I'd like to learn the syntax for programming the methods (ie: If/EndIf, Goto, DoOnlyIn). Gilson, being the business geniuses (ie: greedy imperialistic fucks) that they are have decided in their wisdom that they are not going to put anything about operators, variables or expressions in their manual, but rather invite you to their advanced training seminar, which is great if you happen to be fortunate enough to live in a country where Gilson has a presence, which I do not and our agents' knowledge of the advanced features of the sampler leaves a bit to be desired.

So what I want to know is, does anybody out there have experience with the advanced programming features of Trilution, and if so could you PLEASE help me out with some basic syntax parameters.

Many thanks in advance.
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